The dark side of oil

At first

Cosmetics aren’t really our field of experice in the start of this prodject, so we had to do a lot of research on the subject before we could do anything. We found out that Sensai is a quite large brand, that cosmetic packaing express the same thing, and the fact that sensai don’t have a profile as anything. We also understand that the petrolchemical freeness is a good thing to push on. We even decieded to bring the petrolchemical free outside the cosmetics and try to aply it outside the packaging and the product.

Target Group

Our target group is women in their late thirties and any age up from that. Aside from a great concenrn for their looks they also have a concern of the enviromen. They have a better paid jobb then the average. The package are also made to bring the question of fossil fuels and pollution to a new arena, and show of that Sensai are prepeared to make a step towards a more green future.


The packaging is made to differ from all the other packages in the store. Hopefully enought to make a discusstion on bloggs and magazines. The concumers will be intrigd and when they are in the store want to take a closer look. Here they will be amazed by the simpilosity and and openness of the package and get the feelning that this is a package for her. At home are the thought that the carboard  packaing should be recycled, and the btottle stand for itsellf on the bathroom shelf. When the bottle is empty it will be recyled also


The package is inspired by the simplicity, the Scandinavian look, and the wish for change for the better. It’s a sacrifice of safety for the benefit of openness of the product.  Our plan is that this product line is the bringer of beauty, as well to stressed skin as to polluted beaches.

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